What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are a somewhat new kind of tourist attraction that have started to appear in all major tourist cities around the world. They all basically work in the same way:

  • You find a few friends (most escape rooms are designed for groups of around 2-5 people) and go to the escape room venue.
    • Sometimes this is a dedicated business building... but often it is just a converted flat or apartment
    • You normally pay the same price no matter how many people are in your group
    • You will normally have to book before turning up.
  • You and your friends will get locked in a room
  • You will then have to solve clues, find keys, find hidden compartments etc
  • Eventually you will find the final key (or keycode) to escape.
  • If you get stuck you can ask for clues (normally)

They are sometimes described as a real life version of the UK TV show "Crystal Maze". Or a bit like the first Saw movie. Of course, they won't kill you if you don't escape!

Common Escape Room Themes

Most escape rooms are themed, and the most common themes seem to be the following:

  • Post apocalyptic
  • Mental Institute
  • Communism themed
  • Or something that looks like it could have been out of the Saw movies